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Parts Washer Refractometers

basic refractometerBasic Refractometers for Industrial Parts Washers

  • Range 0-10 or 0-32 Brix
  • Prism aperture lets in a lot of light
  • Diamond-knurled sleeve for good gripping
  • Comfortable eyepiece with adjustable focus
  • Auto temperature compensation
  • Average use accuracy range
  • Carrying case with sampler included
Part Number
Brix Scale*
1.5” dia., 8” long
1.5” dia., 7” long
OPTX10 Replacement prism cover with pin for OPT10, OPT32

Parts Washer Equipment
basic refractometer
Basic Refractometer
Easy, optical measurement of cleaner concentration to prevent poor cleaning (low concentration) and material damage (over concentration).
Stainless Steel Venturi Mixer
Designed to mix caustic concentrates without degrading! Lifetime warranty.
belt oil skimmer

Stainless Steel Belt Skimmer
Our stainless belt removes oil from high temperature, caustic or acidic wash solutions.

High Temperature Disk Skimmer
The classic disk skimmer to meet parts washer needs. Lifetime warranty on disk and wipers!
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